Analytics for your automated tests

Collecting data for your tests is often harder than it needs to be. You may have seen some combination of spreadsheets, slack, emails, reruns in home-brewed solutions. These might even be run by hand, where instead of spending time improving the tests that time is being spent trying to copy/paste results into a document somewhere.

A few straightforward questions can provide a lot of value for a developer or tester:

  • What tests are slow?
  • What tests sometimes fail?
  • Are the tests getting better?

By connecting the results of your test runs TestRecall can quickly provide insights on what your tests are doing.

"app analytics"

Sometimes tribal knowledge can start to build up about a test suite. This is especially the case if you have been working with a test suite for some time:

  • which ones tend to break
  • which ones might have been improved
  • which areas have few tests

With all of your test results in a single place, TestRecall can give a drill-down of individual tests over time.

"grid page"

Hope you are getting insights out of your test data, and happy testing!