Quick Start

A quick start guide and collection of references for those that are brand new to TestRecall.

We've made getting started with TestRecall as easy as possible. The rest of this page will outline important first steps to getting your first repository up and running on TestRecall.

Setup List

Here are the things you'll need or want to have in place before using TestRecall:

A project with a test suite. Test results reports being generated by your test suite in the Junit format. TestRecall ingests these reports to provide our product. [Recommended] A continuous integration provider. This will automatically run tests, generate coverage and upload that coverage to TestRecall for every run.

Basic Usage

1. Sign up on testrecall.com

2. Create a project in TestRecall.


3. Set the upload token in your CI.


4. Setup your test suite

Output a junit.xml report file. Take a look at our examples to find your language.

curl -sL https://get.testrecall.com/reporter | bash
trap 'testrecall-reporter' EXIT

npm run test # => output report.xml

5. Use the reporter

Upload your test results as part of the test step. Results will appear in your project.


Take a look on Github for other examples.